Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Mom, Boy's Like This."

Seriously, this whole boys thing started when Madison was, like, 3 years old. A little boy in her preschool wanted to be her boyfriend. I couldn't believe it when I had to tell my little girl that she couldn't have a boyfriend until she was 16. She came home one day and said that he had hugged her and said he loved her. I thought, "Oh, Boy! She's only 3!!!" I'm glad that she isn't too embarrassed to tell me these things, but come on, she's not even a pre-teen yet!

Then, last week, we were driving in the car and she kept asking me to look at her in the back seat. I was a little preoccupied driving on the freeway and when I finally did, I nearly peed my pants! I was trying not to laugh, but it was hilarious. She tilted her head and then proceeded to bat her eyelashes and say, "Mom, boy's like this." I think she must have gotten it from Hannah Montana or something like that, but I couldn't stop laughing all day.