Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming Lessons 2009

We've been taking swimming lessons at Deseret Peak Complex this year. It has been so fun and I'm sooooo tan, which is a plus. While Madison is in her lessons, Emma and I are doing a Mom and Tot class which is way fun. Emma loves the water, but not so much when I dunk her under water, but she doesn't really get very cranky, either. She lets me know when she's had enough by hugging me and not letting go. After lessons each day, Madison brings some of her allowance money and buys a Popsicle and usually a gummy pizza or two. She always shares with Emma, which is super sweet because she keeps hugging and kissing Madison.

We did two sessions of swimming lessons and by the second session, Emma had everything down. She loved to just run into the water and start immediately by blowing bubbles, which for her usually means she kisses it. She loves for me to float on my stomach and she climbs on my back and tells me to be a horse. Her way of telling me is to point at me and say "bum, bum" and I know she wants to sit on my butt. She also likes to jump up and down as much as possible. It's hilarious because she falls over most of the time and ends up under water and she actually enjoys it. Her friend from nursery class and also our neighbor, Spencer, took the last session with us. They had fun jumping off of the walls and splashing around with the diving sticks and kick boards. I can't believe how grown-up Emma is. She will turn two next month!

There is a little snack stand that we get gummy pizzas and popsicles at if the girls do what their teachers ask them to (put there head under water, blow bubbles, bob's, etc.)
Madison and our neighbor Brendon. They are EXACTLY alike. It's funny to watch them play together.