Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Logan at 2 months

Logan is definitely a Skabelund boy! By the time he had his first doctor's appointment three days after he was born, he had already passed his birth weight by 3 pounds. Now, at his 2 month checkup, he is 15.5 lbs and in the 110th percentile for his height and weight! He's a porker and we love it!

He loves his sisters! Even if they are always tickling his face with their long hair!

He looks just like Grandpa Skabelund in this picture!

"Haven't we had enough of this yet, Mom?"

Madison's First Day of 1st Grade

For Madison's first day of First Grade, Grandma Skabelund took her back-to-school shopping and this is the dress she chose to wear. She still wears it at least once a week. She was so excited to go and wanted to walk to school all by herself, but I wanted to go and see her classroom and meet her new teacher. She has a really great teacher this year and is already reading so well. I don't remember learning to read quite so soon, but I'm very proud of her.

Cousin Malia and Cheer Camp

When cousin Malia comes to visit, the girls always have the best time with her. This year they played a lot in the backyard. Malia was having a blast driving the girls' Barbie Jeep around and even when it would go uphill, she just pushed it.

Emma and Madison love cousin Malia. Emma can't quite say her name (even though it is very similar to her name) so she called her cousin "palia."

The local high school was doing a cheer camp, so I signed up Madison and Malia to go together. They both had a blast. Malia is a natural (she dances everywhere she goes anyway) and Madison enjoyed it, too, when she wasn't off doing sommersaults on the tumbling mats instead.

They also enjoyed watching a lot of movies, being silly and having "sleepovers."

Logan's Blessing

Grandma and Grandpa Allen and cousin Malia came up to visit from Oregon and my dad helped bless Logan. He is 4 weeks old in these pictures.

Nick was very nervous, but gave Logan a very sweet blessing. He slept through all of sacrament meeting and didn't cry once during his blessing.

Grandpa Skabelund also helped bless Logan.

I always thought Logan looked like Grandpa Skabelund, but he really looks like Grandpa Allen in this picture, too.