Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cousin Malia and Cheer Camp

When cousin Malia comes to visit, the girls always have the best time with her. This year they played a lot in the backyard. Malia was having a blast driving the girls' Barbie Jeep around and even when it would go uphill, she just pushed it.

Emma and Madison love cousin Malia. Emma can't quite say her name (even though it is very similar to her name) so she called her cousin "palia."

The local high school was doing a cheer camp, so I signed up Madison and Malia to go together. They both had a blast. Malia is a natural (she dances everywhere she goes anyway) and Madison enjoyed it, too, when she wasn't off doing sommersaults on the tumbling mats instead.

They also enjoyed watching a lot of movies, being silly and having "sleepovers."