Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Logan's Birthday July 12, 2010

I have to say that this labor and delivery was the easiest one, by far. I didn't even know I was in labor. I got up Monday morning, July 12, and went about my day as normal. I got dressed, cleaned the entire house, including all three floors, which usually knocks me flat, and then went to my regular Ob/Gyn appointment at 3pm. I was feeling small contractions all day, but they weren't regular, and they didn't hurt at all, so I thought they were the same one's I had been having for the last month or so. My doctor checked me and I was already dilated to a 6, so she checked me into the hospital immediately.

I had both of the girls with me, so I called Nick and had him take them over to the neighbors house. Three hours and three pushes later, Logan Dean Skabelund was born. He ended up being born 8 days early, 8lbs. 8oz., 21 in. long. It's a good thing, too, because he would have been a massive baby had he been born any later.

Nick went and picked up the girls and they got to meet their baby brother for the first time. They were both so excited.

Of course, so was Nick. He is always the proud daddy.

Since Logan was born so quickly, he was extremely bruised in the face and head. He looks like a purple grape, poor little man.

I think that he looks just like his Grandpa Skabelund. Grandma and Grandpa Skabelund came to see him in the hospital that same night. We are lucky enough to have them live so close that they were able to watch the girls for a few days afterwards so Logan and I could recuperate at home together for a while.

He looks like an Oompa-Loompa in this picture with his purple head.

Logan and I checked out of the hospital the next day and went home to spend time with daddy before the girls came back from Grandma and Grandpa's house. The recovery from this birth was so easy, too. I must have done something right this time around, because I never missed a beat. Sleep wasn't a problem and I jumped right back into my regular routine. Nursing is always a whole other story, though. I always hate the first month of that, but we are doing much better and enjoying life with our new baby brother. I've decided that this labor, delivery and recovery was so easy because I had been reading my scriptures every day for last 6 months or so and was extremely blessed for doing it.