Friday, September 4, 2009

Madison's First Day of Kindergarten & Back to School Haircut

Madison just had to have a back-to-school haircut. So, the night before school started Daddy took her to get it cut. I sent very specific instructions for the hairdresser. Can't trust daddy or Madison to tell them right.

It was getting way too long to deal with. She has a much easier time with shorter hair, but we both like her with long hair. She really likes this hair cut, though.

Madison posing for pictures on her first day of school. She had to wear the Tinkerbell shirt on the first day. She has this huge backpack that she loves because it has Hannah Montana on the front. She still hasn't quite figured out how to carry it over one shoulder and usually just ends up with it hanging from her neck.

I got to go with her the first day and help her find her table and name in her new classroom. Her teacher's name is Ms. Seiter and she has tons of friends in her class. Most of her soccer team is also in her class.

Emma couldn't wait to go pick her up after school. She waited for them to line up in the hallway and then make sure that they could see us waiting. Emma was very excited when she came out to meet us that first day.