Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stake Children's Parade & Pioneer Picnic

Here's Emma patiently waiting for the parade to begin.

This is our wards float. Madison is on the back playing with the bubble machine, about to fall out.

After the parade, the kids from our ward got flavored ice and Madison and her friend Jamie are hamming-it-up for the camera.

Madison kept begging Emma to let her ride on the stroller so she didn't have to walk. Here is one brief moment that Emma wasn't screaming at her to get off and leave her alone. It's cute, though.

Our wards booth was face painting, so both girls got in line. Emma refused to stop touching it until it dried, so it was a little messy.

Both girls did the obstacle course and loved it. They had a separate course for the little ones and Emma went with a couple kids from her nursery class.

Madison took her turn at Gunny-sack races while Emma colored on the sidewalk with chalk. We had fun and, again, it was all FREE! Love it.