Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stake Pioneer Day Celebration & Fireworks

On the 24th of July we actually did fireworks. We haven't done them in a few years, because the kids are still so young and they don't seem to mind. So, we did them anyway this year. Madison had fun, but Emma couldn't care less. She was so annoyed with us for keeping her up late. She just sat down in the garage and kept saying "nigh, nigh?" She just wanted to go to bed and refused to have anything to do with sparklers.

Our stake had a pioneer day picnic on the 24th and we took the girls to it. Free food is always the best way to guarantee that I'm there. We had fun. The girls played all types of pioneer games. Emma wouldn't allow me to show her the actual way to play horseshoes. Instead, she enjoyed it as a necklace. Madison had tons of fun doing the rope pull. We played at the park on the side and then went swimming at the city pool. Free food and free swimming, we couldn't pass it up.